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Workshop :: EXPERIMENTAL PROCESSING with Roger D. Wilson

Progamme éducatif à Montréal

Samedi 11 juin  10 h - 17 h

Member of Main Film: 80 $
Non member: 115 $

* This workshop will be given in English.

The price of the workshop includes use of a Bolex camera, 50 feet of film and household products.

In this full day workshop Ottawa Filmmaker Roger D Wilson will introduce you to the basics of 16mm black and white filmmaking with a Bolex camera and processing black and white film in Organic Film Developers. Students will learn how to develop their black and white film using common household ingredients, like grape juice, red clovers and hay from a farmers field. They will learn about the active ingredients that are found in these organic materials that allows them to be used as silver reducing agents. Each student will shoot 50' of 16mm black and white film and the. create their own developer recipe out of the materials supplied, they will process their film in their home made developer.

> Eventbrite : http://tinyurl.com/gn9xd6q
> By phone (VISA only) : 514 845 7442
> At the office (Tuesday - Friday / 10am - 5pm) : 3981 Boulevard Saint-Laurent bur. 750 Montréal (QC) H2W 1Y5
> Paypal on request : 514 845 7442 or [Masqué]

Roger D. Wilson is an experimental film scientist who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Roger’s artistic practice begins and ends with film, 16mm and 35mm formats; his need to continuously investigate the filmmaking process has lead him to discover innovative experimental film processes. He creates his films using techniques such as pixilation, time-lapse photography, hand processing and cameraless animation. Roger is known for his technique of manipulating film emulsion prior to photographing images. He treats his unexposed film stock to processes that alter the films emulsion.