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Métamorphose (8+9 octobre 2016)

Événement à Montréal

Saturday, October 8th 2016, 8 p.m and Sunday, October 9th 2016, 4 p.m. @ Studio 303
$10 to $20 sliding scale (cash, at the door)

Métamorphose is a collaborative project between movement and visual artists, commissioned by Studio 303. This Fall, we present: Paul Chambers + Annie Gagnon + David-Alexandre Chabot and Bettina Szabo + Jacinthe Derasp.

Paul Chambers and David-Alexandre Chabot (Collective CHA), along with Annie Gagnon, present a 360° installation, using painted filters, reflectors and lights. They question the difference between perspectives for a performer and a audience member. The performer is not seen as protagonist, but instead, constructs and integrates in the landscape. Bettina Szabo and Jacinthe Derasp build their piece from the short film HERMES (created by Derasp), a creation based on a paper structure. They experiment the possibilities of the structure’s architectural organicity as a body extention. Integrating sound and light, the paper structure becomes a source of sound and light, while allowing an intimate physical performance.

Informations and artist's biographies: studio303.ca/en/events-16-17/meta-1617