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NYC4PA Call for Entry - ONE

Appel aux artistes à New York (United States)

Remember the Three Dog Night song "One is the Loneliest Number". But is it? In this call we are looking for those images with a single compelling focal point.  It could be a person or thing that is alone in the frame or an element of a large grouping that clearly stands out.  A lot filled with blue cars with a single bright red one would fit the bill as would a portrait reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World", and the six foot tall teacher surrounded by his or her grade school class.  Selective focus can isolate a single horse from the herd or a single pedestrian from the crowd on a city street.  What about that basketball player leaping in the air for a dunk shot or the prematurely leafless tree amidst a forest of foliage?  Once again the possibilities are endless out there - let's see how you capture them.